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Thursday 18 June 2020

How COVID-19/Corona Virus may affects the job openings in the market ?

Undoubtedly, all businesses, irrespective of their strength and type of industry, have been drastically affected by coronavirus pandemic. Consequently, the employment rate is decreased by 60%. The market is trying to prepare itself for the next normal and hiring a limited number of people, who are extremely knowledgeable in multiple fields. As an example, a company hired a candidate with multiple skills rather than just one, as they usually do. These skills include:

1:  Developer + Digital Marketing expert + IT support
2: Data Entry + Accounting
3: Digital Marketing + Graphics designers + Content writer

Examples mentioned above belong to a similar field and can be managed by one person for a small start-up, but it's not possible for the business where customers interact in bulk.
So, if you think that you have the mastery in one field, Boss! It's the time to change your attitude and work on yourself so that you stand confidently during and after the pandemic. Here's a Solution:

Most of us always wanted to learn something new, but couldn't, because of the busy schedule. So, this is the best time for that. As most of us are working from home and have plenty of time to learn new skills and polish the existing one.
There are a number of learning material/courses available on the internet at various sites like Coursera, Udemy, Edx, Unacademy etc. You can enrol in any course which you want to learn and invest your time in something productive. Various online test series are there for evaluating and polishing your skills. With the help online learning, you can work on some project of your own, that'll help you to crack the interview in future as the interviewer is always interested in discussing your experience on various projects.

 After collaborating with various prestigious recruitment firms, we have experienced the placements of various candidates and hence we know better what all skills are required to get placed in a good company. As we're working for so long in the recruitment field, we decided to come up with a module that deals with the professional courses as per the job requirement that often arises in the industry. It's prepared by the collective feedback of thousands of interview and available in online and offline basis.  It is so simple, accurate and works as a cheat sheet to crack the interview and sustain in the same profile.

The prior test is taken to understand the current status of the candidate and after that, we offer the best course, that'll help you to get placed in best company.


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